The Powow River Anthology, published in 2006, is a collection of poetry by 24 Powow River Poets members.   

The noted poet and critic Timothy Steele states of the collection, “Like an oasis in the desert, this anthology offers fertile refuge in the largely arid landscape of contemporary verse. Here readers can escape the bewildering, coercive heat of Poetry with a capital “P” and find many refreshing and memorable poems. Hats off to the remarkable Powow poets: long may they write and thrive.” 

“Having had some experience with the Powow River Poets, I was aware of just how good this anthology could turn out to be.  It is that good.  It’s not just that this group of people, as a whole and individually, is deeply talented.  No.  It’s that they seem to empower each other, to set standards for each other that every one of them is determined to achieve and amplify.  And it’s not just that they can write, it’s that they can think as well.  These poems are at once lucid and complex, thoughtful and full of emotion held in check, often by traditional craft: rhymes, meters, imagery, song.” 

-Lewis Turco

“For a number of years, I and many others have marvelled at the phenomenon represented by the Powow River Poets.  It is an exemplary collection.” 

-Bruce Bennett

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